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"You have to stand outside the box to see how the box can be re-designed." Charles Handy
Special Activities

Our special activities are hand-chosen with your kids' interests and our core values in mind. Kids will get in touch with their creative side during Breakdance, show respect towards one another during Sports, use teamwork to accomplish tasks during Kendema, and show friendship to the animals during Teva. Special activity instructors are professional and an integral part of our Englilush family.

Special Activities are a great way to both develop and maintain the English learning process. In addition to the Curriculum and Daily Schedule, we offer Special Activities several times a week. These activities include Art, Sports, Nature, Science, and Breakdance. Each activity provides a special outlet for Creativity and English. We build upon these Special Activities all year long, developing our knowledge, appreciation and expertise of the Creative Arts.  

Why Creativity?

Creativity encourages us to embrace originality and make unique connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. Intelligence is important, but is meaningless without imagination. So often we think of creativity as making something physical, but it is, in fact, so much more than that. We can create friendships, paths, visions, events, growth...the opportunities are endless! To create is to inspire, to learn, to innovate, to act. Learn. Think. Create. That's our process.

Our curriculums are based around developing a lifelong passion for individual and group learning and exploration. The sky's the limit!

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