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Englilush is a creativity program aimed to teach your child to think outside of the box.

Designed to expand your child’s imagination, Englilush develops English language skills by the use and practice of Creative Art. Our unique learning style is enhanced by small groups, positive energy and a spectacular team.


The creator of the program has spent the past ten years working with children. She has created a dynamic way of teaching through an unparalleled curriculum that promotes Learning, Thinking and Creating.  The curriculum itself is based around alphabetical creativity topics, from Architecture to Zumba and everything in between!  


Our expert team, each skilled in their own field, works together to teach a wide variety of techniques, allowing time for individualized experimentation and collective creation.

We believe every day is a new day to shine brighter than the day before!

From a humble beginning, Englilush was founded in 2011 by Lily Motola. When she first moved to Israel in 2008, Lily started working in an after-school program where she quickly learned that there is little more rewarding than working with kids, our kids deserve to be both enriched and smiling every day and we must return creativity into early childhood education.


After much research and years of experience, Lily created a program that combined core values within a creative curriculum and was ready to make a change. One student’s mother believed in her potential and made the connection between Lily and a local community center. There Englilush ran a pilot program with only twelve kids and the demand quickly grew. Englilush is now in four locations and is teaching both English and Creativity to hundreds of kids every day.  With our success, we remain a small family-style organization that believes in giving back to our community, and plan on doing just that.

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